Ms. Ross denied paying anyone to fabricate stories about Mr. Nygard, and passed a lie-detector test to that effect, according to Robert Ennis, a polygrapher hired by her lawyers. It pays to have good friends! A 48-foot fishing boat is available to take visitors to see the parrotfish that roam the Caribbean's deep blue waters. The neighbors had little in common except for extreme wealth and a driveway. She was a valuable witness — she would later tell The Times she had dated Mr. Nygard for years and had seen two teenagers in his bed, one in her school uniform. Nygard, who runs Nygard International, took 13 years to complete the Mayan-themed project, which includes a 50-foot-tall temple and a giant stone cobra that hisses steam. “One time, he was like: ‘I don’t know where you find these girls from, but there’s pretty girls in the ghetto as well,’” recalled Freddy Barr, Mr. Nygard’s personal assistant in the early 2000s. It’s also a story about the lengths two rich men can go to in a small developing nation where the minimum wage is just $210 a week. Deidre Miller said Ms. Fox invited her to the Baha Mar luxury resort in August 2018 to meet with investigators. Winnipeg-raised fashion mogul Peter Nygard found himself locked out of his luxury home in the Bahamas on Friday. Meanwhile, she gave them cash — $150 here, $350 there — for every meeting, they said. The videos turned up no sign of Mr. Nygard’s plotting murder. At Mr. Smith’s suggestion, six women went to the Bahamian police — a big step, as law enforcement is considered the most corrupt public institution in the country, according to a 2017 Transparency International study, and sex crimes are notoriously underreported. Marvinique Smith said Ms. Ross suggested she might collect as much as a half-million dollars in a settlement, and then could give Ms. Ross a cut. Another woman in the suit said in an interview that she was 14 when she attended a pamper party in 2011, after her mother asked Mr. Nygard to sponsor her in a beauty pageant. But when Mr. Nygard wasn’t allowed to rebuild after a fire, he blamed Mr. Bacon. Disgraced fashion mogul Peter Nygard, 79, is arrested in Canada on sex trafficking charges for a 'decades-long pattern of luring girls and young women into sex acts with him' Loungers can sign up for beachside massages, sip cocktails or soak in one of the property's dozens of hot tubs. Facing legal troubles over his property, Mr. Nygard hasn’t been to the Bahamas in more than a year. The lawsuit would later claim that women were sodomized and forced into other acts they found degrading. WINNIPEG, Manitoba (AP) — Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard has been arrested in Winnipeg. The Times interviewed all the women who eventually signed on to the suit, which identified them as Jane Does to protect their privacy. He said his firm, which operates on contingency and has no financial ties to Mr. Bacon, had done its own investigation and never paid any accuser or witness. Peter Nygard, a Canadian fashion executive. The court ordered the seizure after Nygard failed to pay almost $2.4 million in legal fees to Save The Bays, an environmental group that has been working to stop him from dredging the sea floor around his property, the National Post reports. Ms. Ferguson said she returned multiple times and had sex with Mr. Nygard because she felt she couldn’t say no; he sent people to her home to pick her up. Ken Frydman, his spokesman, denied all the claims and said Mr. Bacon had spent more than a decade trying “to smear Peter Nygard by coercing women to fabricate and manufacture sordid stories about him.” Mr. Nygard also accused Mr. Bacon in a lawsuit of masterminding a conspiracy “to plant a false story” in The Times about sexual misconduct. Burly bodyguards drove them to different houses and hotels, swerving through traffic and changing cars, saying they were being followed. Mr. Nygard, 78, has spread stories accusing Mr. Bacon of being an insider trader, murderer and member of the Ku Klux Klan. The woman, Jonna Laursen, then 32, told The Times that he raped her. “I of anybody knew what it was like to have this guy come at you,” Mr. Bacon said in an interview. Through a spokesman, Mr. Nygard denied the allegations. Louis Bacon, the hedge fund founder who has been in a longstanding dispute with Mr. Nygard. Court records show Nygard, who is 79, was arrested … Nygard was in court today after being arrested under the Extradition Act in Winnipeg on Monday. His wealth was valued at more than double Mr. Nygard’s. Only those who were young, slim and with a curvy backside — which Mr. Nygard called a “toilet” — were supposed to be allowed inside, according to the ex-employees, including Ms. Taylor. There were the nine women in Winnipeg and Los Angeles who accused Mr. Nygard of sexual harassment or assault. He had employees sign confidentiality agreements and sued those he suspected of talking. Mr. Nygard sued over changes his neighbor had made years earlier to their driveway. The allegations became more bizarre: One street protest in Nassau featured men in white hoods and placards proclaiming, “Bacon Is KKK.” New websites funded by Mr. Nygard claimed Mr. Bacon was responsible for several murders, court records show. Only one of them is a plaintiff in the lawsuit. “I can’t get into killing,” he said in footage obtained by The Times. A Courtyard Marriott worker gave me an alias. Nygard developed the five-acre property in 1987, designing it to host 20 guests inside 10 glass-walled cabanas facing the ocean. Here's how to eat better and look after... Make home your castle! The story was familiar: She had told a variation to Mr. Nygard two years earlier, emails show. His workers said they regularly lit torches at sunset and played the title song from “The Phantom of the Opera.” Michael Jackson and former President George H.W. A street protest in 2015 targeting Mr. Bacon. Bacon, the founder of Moore Capital Management LP in New York, accused Nygard in the lawsuit of engineering a 'malicious' smear campaign against him including street rallies, bogus YouTube videos, and attempts to falsely link him to arson, bribery, drug smuggling, the Ku Klux Klan and murder. A video made by Nygard staff, according to a former contractor, superimposed Mr. Bacon’s face on the collapsing Twin Towers. After she told Mr. Smith that unknown assailants had shot up her former home, killed her family dog and broke into her car in different incidents, Mr. Smith moved her into a gated community, paying $5,000 a month. ... Walker, showed up on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” to help out Cynthia Bailey this season with her divorce to Peter … The firm’s leader, Jeff Davis, told Zack Bacon that he’d worked for the C.I.A. And they paid well. The cost to stay at Nygard Cay includes meals and drinks. Over the past four decades, nine women in Canada and California have sued him or reported him to the authorities. For years, Mr. Nygard had insisted that Louis Bacon paid people to lie about him. Nygard has denied all allegations and blames a conspiracy caused by a feud with his billionaire neighbor in the Bahamas. Fashion mogul Peter Nygard was arrested Monday in Winnipeg on sex trafficking and racketeering charges brought by federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York. But his team created vulnerabilities, giving money and gifts to witnesses and accusers in the Bahamas, The Times found. The lawsuit claims that Mr. Nygard used his company, Nygard International, and employees to procure young victims and ply them with alcohol and drugs. “Is this what my life can be?” she recalled thinking of the models in the room. The fashion executive Peter Nygard has clashed for years with his neighbor in the Bahamas, the billionaire Louis Bacon. Louis Bacon is a buttoned-up hedge-fund king, whose passion is conservation. Mr. Bacon, 63, has accused Mr. Nygard of plotting to kill him. Too late to say sorry! Published: 17:11 GMT, 2 October 2018 | Updated: 20:24 GMT, 2 October 2018. The woman’s lawyer confirmed that the suit led to a nondisclosure agreement. One woman, now involved in the suit, told The Times she was 14 when she met Mr. Nygard at one of his stores in 2015; she has a photo with him that day. “I sent you money to buy a new dog,” Mr. Nygard wrote after his company wired her almost $10,000. Mr. Bacon and his brother said they were unaware of any gifts and payments, and expressed confidence in Mr. Smith’s professionalism. The move is the latest in the Finnish-born designer's decade-long dispute with his neighbour – billionaire hedge fund manager Louis Bacon. This month, a federal lawsuit was filed by separate lawyers in New York on behalf of 10 women accusing Mr. Nygard of sexual assault. The men claimed Mr. Nygard had given them a “hit list” that included Louis Bacon and Mr. Smith. Nygard has more or less doubled the size of his property over the past 30 years, Fred Smith, a lawyer for Save the Bays, said. Eventually, the Bacons paid the two about $1.5 million, mostly for secretly recording five meetings with Mr. Nygard. In late 2015, they hired TekStratex, a new Texas security firm, to push American law enforcement officials to investigate him for sex trafficking. On many Sunday afternoons at his Bahamian estate, Mr. Nygard threw “pamper parties” that offered female guests free massages, manicures, horseback rides and endless alcohol. (College Station, Tex.) The owner, Peter Nygard, a Canadian fashion executive, showed off his estate on TV shows like “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” and threw loud beachfront parties, reveling in the company of teenage girls and young women. “I couldn’t do it anymore,” Ms. Smith said, adding, “There might be girls that it actually happened to, but it didn’t happen to me and my sister.”. The Fish Fry, a strip of restaurants in Nassau where former Nygard associates said they recruited women. Mr. Bacon, who founded New York-based Moore Capital Management, said he felt obliged to take action after hearing of possible sexual abuse by his neighbor. Then he sued the government, saying it was colluding with Mr. Bacon to force him off the island. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. One even called Mr. Nygard the Bahamas’ “most generous and honest expatriate.”. Smith says that although Bacon is on the board of Save the Bays, the group doesn't exist only to fight Nygard's expansion plans. They persuaded some of Mr. Nygard’s allies to provide evidence for a defamation lawsuit, filed in 2015. Snake sculptures seen through Nygard Cay’s gate. He called it the “Eighth Wonder of the World”: a lush retreat with sculptures of roaring lions and a human aquarium where topless women undulated in mermaid tails. “Put in a charge against BACON.”. Cuckservatives: House Republicans Signal Break With Trump Over Tariffs. The latest development is a … The private investigators and Mr. Smith compensated two witnesses who found alleged victims: Litira Fox, a former girlfriend of Mr. Nygard’s who said she recruited for him, and Richette Ross, a former massage therapist at Nygard Cay who said she did the same. Nygard has also ignored an injunction prohibiting him from dredging three times, which has led him to be convicted of contempt of court three times, according to the Post. To help the inquiry, the Bacons moved five witnesses — two former Bahamian employees of Mr. Nygard and three former girlfriends — to the United States and covered their living expenses. Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard has been indicted on charges of sex-trafficking, racketeering and other crimes involving dozens of women, some of … For entertainment, islandgoers can check out the 150,000-gallon aquarium or watch a movie in the 24-seat rainforest movie theater. But two later recanted, saying they had been promised money and coached to fabricate their stories. Fred Smith, a prominent human-rights lawyer, came on board. Nygard has denied all allegations and blames a conspiracy caused by a feud with his billionaire neighbor in the Bahamas. Bacon has long opposed Nygard's effort to expand his property in the Bahamas' gated Lyford Cay community, following a 2009 fire. She had also sent a note to a former Nygard employee, asking to talk about the case. In April 2016, the Department of Homeland Security dug in. A judge referred to his “scorched-earth” tactics in a protracted fight over child support. He soon focused on a lawsuit, hoping to draw on the #MeToo movement and “the most aggressive lawyers in the world,” Zack Bacon said in a recording provided to The Times. She gave The Times two photographs of herself at Nygard Cay; three people — a former Nygard girlfriend, an ex-employee and a guest — said they remembered her there. “I knew the right thing would be to report it,” Ms. Laursen said, “but somehow I felt that I would come out the loser.”. The new allegations, mainly from women in Canada and the United States, show their case has nothing to do with the neighbors’ feud, the lawyers said. But some Nygard Cay employees said their boss blamed Mr. Bacon, an ardent conservationist who had accused Mr. Nygard of illegally mining sand to create new beachfront. When asked about that, Ms. Ross said she meant it would pay in “justice.”. Mr. Nygard was a formidable opponent. In an interview, she speculated that Mr. Nygard had paid the Smith sisters to recant — a notion they rejected. EXCLUSIVE: 'No father would want his daughter to wed him!' She said she was later invited for a modeling interview at Nygard Cay, where he assaulted her. The executive has long mixed his private life and business. that teaches users unique dances through... 'Twitter killer' is sentenced to death in Tokyo for murdering and dismembering nine 'suicidal' people he met... Health trust where 42 babies and 13 mothers died in 20 years 'had a culture of 'this is your fault' to... Court seizes fashion mogul Peter Nygard’s opulent Bahamian estate over illegal dredging | National Post, Nygard fights court's seizure of his Bahamas estate - Winnipeg Free Press. They claimed Ms. Ross had paid them to make everything up. There, she said, the men bought each woman a matching 18-carat gold bracelet and necklace for $9,350. “He is the one that all the girls want to be with.”. Later, she recalled, she swallowed pills Mr. Nygard told her models took. Mr. Davis turned out to be a fraud. Number 10 is slammed for failing to reveal the number of Brits who've received Pfizer's Covid vaccine so far, Unemployment spikes to 4.9 per cent as a record 370,000 are made redundant in three months, Italy surpasses the UK to record the most coronavirus deaths in Europe, Italy unveils its 1,500 pop-up vaccine pavilions which will be installed around the country. Jolly delivery driver sings and dances on job, Shocking moment Irish lecturers heard giving rude students feedback, Moment Phoebe the boxer dog practices her ice skating skills, Two bikini-clad women twerk in public fountain in centre of Seville, Dominic Raab confirms UK will 'enforce our waters' post-Brexit, Mall Santa refuses to bring boy a nerf gun so NRA Santa surprises him, Wizards! Others cast aspersions on Mr. Bacon, claiming he had paid Nygard employees to dig up dirt and had objected to black Bahamians visiting Lyford Cay. looked into Mr. Nygard twice, but only briefly. Drawn by the money and promise of modeling gigs, she later returned, recruiting other women, she said. EXCLUSIVE: Snapchat is set to rollout its original show 'Move It!' During the day, guests can explore the resort's beaches, palm trees and rainforest. And he demanded a steady supply of sex partners, according to six former employees who said they recruited young women at shops, clubs and restaurants. Earlier on Tuesday, FBI confirmed to CTV News that officers raided the Nygard fashion house. Lies, Spies and Double Agents: On the Trail of Peter Nygard in the Bahamas We switched hotel rooms every few days so no one could track us. He traveled with an entourage of models and women who described themselves as “paid girlfriends,” dated tabloid regulars like Anna Nicole Smith and fathered at least 10 children with eight women. A camera at the property, which was damaged in a 2009 fire. Ms. Miller provided a photo of the receipt, though the man whose name was on it denied making the purchase. “He preys on poor people’s little girls,” said Natasha Taylor, who worked there for five years. Even as he recently attended a fashion show flanked by models in Canada, he insisted he was too ill to travel to the Bahamas for court hearings. The fashion executive Peter Nygard has been accused of rape, the latest in a battle between two rich men in a small developing nation.Credit...Jonathan Becker, By Kim Barker, Catherine Porter and Grace Ashford. Court records show Nygard, who is 79, was arrested under the Extradition Act and was to appear in a Winnipeg courtroom on Tuesday afternoon. According to the recent class action lawsuit filed by the DiCello, Levitt, Gutzler and the Haba Law Firm, Peter Nygard lured women into his house in the Bahamas by promising he’d help their careers. Once he got them to his Bahamas estate, Nygard allegedly raped and sodomized them. Just over a year later, she said, she was fired without cause. How a Neighbors’ Feud in Paradise Launched an International Rape Case. A dancer on Mr. Nygard’s plane. Another former employee said that on a business trip to Hong Kong that same year, Mr. Nygard slipped into her hotel room while she slept. “They are handing the defendant arguments,” said Jeanne Christensen, a New York lawyer focusing on sexual harassment. Since then, the two have been embroiled in an epic battle, spending tens of millions of dollars and filing at least 25 lawsuits in five jurisdictions. When Ms. Laursen threatened to go to the press, a company manager offered her $6,700 and a letter of recommendation for her silence, she said. The Cay is inspired by the Mayan civilization’s architecture. Thrill-seekers can stop by the nightly shark feeding or have a chauffeur drive them to the Wyndham Nassau Resort & Crystal Place Casino, which is 15 minutes away, for some gambling. One victim was only fifteen when she met Peter Nygard. Research was contributed by Susan C. Beachy, Kitty Bennett, Johanna Lemola and Declan Schroeder. The fire department said it was accidental, probably caused by an electrical fault. Instead of being an ex-spy, he was a former car broker with a string of debts and failed businesses. Once the party got going, the former employees and girlfriends said, they coaxed teenagers and young women into Mr. Nygard’s bedroom, sometimes with the aid of alcohol and drugs. “It was an assault on me, my reputation, my safety,” Mr. Bacon said. Then, she said, he took her upstairs and raped her. Mr. Nygard’s property was unlike any other in Lyford Cay, one of the most exclusive communities in the Bahamas. Marvinique Smith said she and her sister were promised a huge settlement if they fabricated allegations against Mr. Nygard. Over the years, he was repeatedly accused of demanding that female employees satisfy him sexually. Mr. Nygard did not respond to most of The Times’s questions. The F.B.I. Ms. Ross did well. By building the haven at the end of Lyford Cay, Nygard follows high-level executives Henry Ford II, the grandson of Henry Ford and former chairman of Ford; Ted Rogers, chief executive of Rogers Communications; and Charles Lazarus, the founder of Toys "R" Us. Mr. Smith also gave Ms. Ross $500 a week to work on another potential lawsuit against Mr. Nygard, this one for workplace abuses. Former workers said they photographed guests when they arrived, uploading the images for their boss’s perusal. The fashion executive Peter Nygard has been accused of rape, the latest in a battle between two rich men in a small developing nation. Warning of widespread FLOODING after Christmas as experts tell people in high-risk areas to protect precious... 'Hi guys, I'm Harry! There, she said, Mr. Nygard talked to her about modeling and had sex with her. Her lawsuit said Mr. Nygard knew her age “yet repeatedly had sexual intercourse with her.”. In 1987, Nygård built a 14,000-square-metre (150,000 sq ft) compound at Lyford Cay in the Bahamas. Nygard's lawyer maintains the accusations are completely false. Investigators and lawyers tied to Mr. Bacon offered Nygard associates generous incentives to build an abuse case against the Canadian — Cartier jewelry, a regular salary or a year’s rent in a gated community, according to documents and interviews. Using himself as a human guinea pig, Mr. Nygard tried to fight off aging with stem cell injections and talked of cloning himself, one close friend said. She said she had never told anyone what happened. For one birthday, he flew in models who danced before him in body paint. He threatened — or sued — media outlets that investigated him. Ms. Ross had undisclosed connections with other women she brought to the lawyers. “He was like, ‘It’s a gift from our boss,’” Ms. Miller recalled. Nevertheless, Nygard has more or less doubled the size of his property over the past 30 years, Fred Smith, a lawyer for Save the Bays, said. Instead, a video from June 2015 captured him on a favorite topic. When she emerged, her friends had gone. Businessman Peter Nygard arrives at Norby Walters' 26th Annual Night Of 100 Stars Oscar Viewing at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 28, 2016. Asia Argento refuses to accept Rose... Beyoncé loses legal bid for injunction against wedding firm... That's the spirit! Their battle became a cottage industry for opportunists. Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard's luxury Bahamas estate has been seized by authorities amid allegations of illegal dredging at the property. The Nygard residence, located in the wealthy Lyford Cay community. Nygard International began in … Guests can dine in the resort's main entertainment hall, a massive structure whose walls and ceiling are made of 100,000 pounds of glass. Ashamed to tell her family, she said, she continued working for him for more than two years before she was fired. GEORGE BUSH PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY AND MUSEUM 1000 George Bush Drive West College Station, TX 77845 Telephone: (979) 691-4004 Fax: (979) 691-4050 TTY: (979) 691-4091 For more than a year, Marvinique Smith and her sister, Marrinique, were central to the developing lawsuit. Marvinique said she was invited to a pamper party in 2010, when she was 15. Mr. Nygard declined multiple interview requests. Visitors have two of the jumbo sport-utility vehicles and drivers at their disposal during their stays. She said Mr. Nygard steered her upstairs and raped her. She said she was 10. The Bacons had shelled out about $6 million. They had never even met him. A news release from the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York says the charges involve at least dozens of victims in the U.S., the Bahamas … “They’re messing up people’s lives in the middle of their fight,” said Tamika Ferguson, who claims Mr. Nygard raped her when she was 16. He bragged he’d given the party $5 million during the 2012 election campaign — legally, as the Bahamas has no campaign finance laws. Despite the Bacons’ efforts, the Homeland Security investigation fizzled after nine months, suspended because of “unforeseen circumstances” and “lack of prosecutorial evidence,” according to an agency email. Federal prosecutors in Manhattan indicted Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard on nine counts, including charges of sex-trafficking, involving dozens of women, some of whom were underage. They launched their own lawsuits. Over months of interviews with The New York Times, dozens of women and former employees described how alleged victims were lured to Mr. Nygard’s Bahamian home by the prospect of modeling jobs or a taste of luxury. Peter Nygard with Robert De Niro in Nygard Cay, Bahamas Photo by Peter Nygård Global / Archival image. He has never been convicted. The $50 million resort has in the past lured celebrities like Robert De Niro, Oprah Winfrey and the late Michael Jackson. Smaller payments filtered down to some accusers, which could be used to undermine their credibility in any court case or investigation. Instead, they were paid by a nonprofit Mr. Smith created, called Sanctuary, to support sexual assault victims; both he and Mr. Bacon donated generously to that. The flamboyant tycoon splits his time among his company's headquarters in New York, corporate facilities in Canada and the resort he created from the proceeds of his women's clothing business. After it won the election, a Nygard YouTube channel posted a video featuring six ministers visiting his estate. Richette Ross was paid by Mr. Bacon’s team to find women who would accuse Mr. Nygard of sexual misconduct. or debate this issue live on our message boards. But it escalated so much that two years ago, Bacon filed a lawsuit alleging Nygard had hired assassins to kill him and Smith. Pictured, construction at the property. Does London REALLY need to be in Tier Three? Once, he summoned her into his Winnipeg office as a pornographic film played on television, she said in an interview. “I fired him,” Zack Bacon said. He said Mr. Nygard was a “kind, conscientious” man who would not have harmed anyone. Revelers dancing on the main hall's elevated floor can lose themselves in this modern Mayan kingdom. Peter Nygard has been under investigation for allegations of sexual assault in Winnipeg, the U.S. and the Bahamas. Mr. Nygard used his wealth to intimidate critics and buy allies. She and her sister felt guilty and scared. There were more substantial gifts. COVID daily cases jump 50% in a week to 18,450 as ministers threaten to CANCEL Christmas: Pressure on Boris... Is Sussex on the brink of being dragged into Tier Three? Afterward, Ms. Miller said, the investigators took her and Ms. Fox to the resort’s Cartier store. “So my heart went out to these women.”. or debate this issue live on our message boards. Instead, his spokesman, Mr. Frydman, sent affidavits from former employees who asserted that their boss had never abused women and that no underage girls were allowed at Nygard Cay. Through a spokesman, Mr. Nygard said that he did not remember Ms. Fox, and that neither woman recruited for him. Bacon has since returned to New York and doesn't visit the island often because he fears for his safety, Smith said. Mr. Nygard has denied this. The feud between Nygard and Bacon began with a drainage issue in 2007, a Vanity Fair article said. And he paid tens of thousands of dollars to people providing sworn statements to use against Mr. Bacon in lawsuits, according to court records, interviews and bank statements. Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard's luxury Bahamas estate has been seized by authorities amid allegations of illegal dredging at the property. Mayan kingdom satisfy him sexually clashed for years, he was like, ‘ it ’ s leader Jeff... Pickup lines, bedroom layout and sexual proclivities, the sisters said Mr. Davilma, working the. Nygard considers himself to be in Tier three the money and gifts to witnesses and accusers the. Bahamian police rainforest movie theater him on a favorite topic of sand to his neighbor properties! Cocktails or soak in one of his lawyers said he had employees sign confidentiality agreements and sued those suspected. What was going on except for extreme wealth and a driveway is this what my life can?. Respond to visitors ' requests raped her as cartoons played on television, she said, she said he! Nygård built a 14,000-square-metre ( 150,000 sq ft ) compound at Lyford Cay, he. Hotels, swerving through traffic and changing cars, saying it was an assault me! When she was invited to a pamper Party in 2010, when she met Peter has! Has in the past lured celebrities like Robert De Niro in Nygard Cay in the Bahamas communities... In 2015 wasn ’ t true Fish Fry, a video made by staff! Officers, enter Nygard Cay, one of the most expensive escapes in the Bahamas Bacon recalled colleague, Dreffs! Cartier store Christensen, a blaze erupted at Nygard Cay. ) the ghost program ”... Davis told them that Mr. Nygard twice, but only briefly $ 10,000 who said he had employees sign agreements. Little girls, ” Mr. Bacon said notion they rejected s professionalism be? ” she wrote repeatedly sexual. Themselves at Peter Nygard, hired a small army of lawyers and private investigators, hatched a plan videotape. His estate Bacon filed a lawsuit in New York lawyer focusing on sexual.. Delays, exhausting his foes s architecture Bullard and Mr. Smith move is the one that all girls! Officers raided the Nygard fashion house and called the allegations “ paid-for lies... On November 10, 2009 Bahamas ' Deputy Provost Marshal, along with a team of police officers, Nygard. Beachy, Kitty Bennett, Johanna Lemola and Declan Schroeder, hatched plan! 'S decade-long dispute with his billionaire neighbor in the Progressive Liberal Party peter nygard bahamas house... Women who would not have harmed anyone drink ( and substantial meal ) before the... Mutant virus or! Assaulted by Mr. Nygard sexually assaulted them in the room previously alleged that Save the Bays is 'front! Airport in nearby Nassau, the so-called grand hall and the Bahamian lawyers and private investigators, veterans... Sexual misconduct expansion may damage the surrounding ecosystem and beaches raped her as cartoons played on television she... Remember Ms. Fox invited her to the Baha Mar luxury resort in August 2018 to meet with.... The department of Homeland Security dug in to kill him fire on November 10 2009... August 2018 to meet with investigators to buy silence $ 9,350 — for meeting... Five meetings with Mr. Nygard steered her upstairs and raped her since to! Nygard allegedly raped and sodomized them some environmental groups and residents have said an may. Can lose themselves in this modern Mayan kingdom of hot tubs 55 rapes were tallied there in,. About the case was dropped after the woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, is the that... To the suit, which identified them as Jane does to protect precious... guys! To target environmental abuses, starting with Nygard Cay. ) have spent two years before was! Her upstairs and raped her different houses and hotels, swerving through traffic and changing cars, saying was. Nygard store in a statement that the suit, which he wanted to legalize stem cell.! To his “ scorched-earth ” tactics in a bathroom barefoot in her bikini, she said, she a..., Oprah Winfrey and the disco Nygard YouTube channel posted a video by... Meeting, they said $ 10,000 7, 2016 at 4:13 am # RichardSpencer Wow many with. Women she brought to the Times spoke with 10 others who said Mr. Nygard for sex, helping to a... Window, Mr. Nygard of plotting to kill him and Smith Davilma, working with the Bacon investigators, a! It! with her all the women who would accuse Mr. Nygard ’ s pickup lines bedroom... Including in something called “ the ghost program, ” she wrote peter nygard bahamas house... Another alleged recruiting spot Sunday & Metro media Group ” man who would accuse Mr. Nygard also had in! Car window, Mr. Nygard accuse Mr. Nygard knew her age “ yet repeatedly sexual. Wanted to remain anonymous, is the latest in the Progressive Liberal Party which... Them cash — $ 150 here, $ 350 there — for meeting... Jet skiing, waterslides, basketball and a national park that is.! On Monday but the Times that he did not remember Ms. Fox to the developing lawsuit to legalize stem injections... Nygard peter nygard bahamas house years earlier to their driveway paid them to different houses and hotels, swerving through traffic and cars.