The last time I was there, a year ago, I watched servers drip gluten filled sauces all over “gluten free” plates at my table, same as they did at every other table. I think their food is very greasy and rich so that may be the reason why some of you get a stomach ache. What sadness you must be feeling. I have had great luck with several different locations of PF Changs. EnteroLab test positive for gluten intolerence and 2 gluten intolerence and celiac genes, DQ2 and DQ3 sub type DQ7 in December 2005. I am so glad I found your website; it has me feel like I'm not alone or 'making thing's up'. Everything is coming out at light speed and with EXTREME pain. Maybe I’m just a little bitter that we’ve been fighting the government about labeling laws for over 15 years, but if everything worked out right, the government would have out backs and we wouldn’t have to walk into a restaurant with our hackles up baring our teeth protecting ourselves. We had an instance of receiving a gluten free chicken dish that had coated chicken, like some kind of breading, but even the gluten version does not have breading on it. We have to set the standard. Most people go out to eat about twice per week, sometimes more, and that really adds up fast. I look forward to hearing the real voices of the folks who comment here. I’m sure you’ll find somewhere better soon :). I just wish I had some way of knowing if the things I eat often were safe. I gave them the Celiac shpeal and they brought everything out on their GF plates. I had to let you know how much help your blog has been in getting my husband to understand better what it is like to have Celiac. They get it right. I was at Pei Wei one time and the food didn’t taste right (likely the potato starch on the chicken was actually flour). I say this lovingly – because I too have experienced the abuse from a narcissist and it’s very difficult to overcome. No I agree with you completely. Hope they make him a national trainer! It’s a thick chocolate chip cookie (made in its own pan – and served in it’s own pan….therefore greatly reducing contamination error) served hot with ice cream on top. These have all been problems for me, so I only get the crunchy tacos or rice bowl and don’t get anything else they have to touch with their hands. I have never had a problem with the PF Chang’s in Beachwood, OH. IL. Just to clear some things up with some people that obviously have no idea: there is absolutely no MSG in any of our food. PS: The fortune cookie they bring you at the end... not gluten-free. I do NOT get takeout anywhere. I get the Chang's Spicey Chicken with NO Chili paste and no chili flakes (ie-no spice) and it is GOOD! :) I’m in Charlotte, NC. I was told on another board to make reservations, is that really needed for a late lunch? I hate when you first visit a restaurant, explain the whole “severe celiac” thing, and they take excellent care of you. I have just tried to give her as many tips as I can for eating gluten-free safely. me again…just wanted to click the notify me of followup comments. Your cousin is very lucky to have you to give advice. Not saying I ingested gluten but every time I go there and to Pei Wei I get incredibily sick and it’s not worth the risk. With acerbic wit, candor and a touch of rebellion, he's sharing his journey and he's enticing the celiac community to do the same. Many are located right off or close to a major highway so getting there is easy enough. I do not believe its impossible for Celiacs safely eat out. My husband designed a restaurant warning/info card and had it printed on business cards. . I ate there 3times with out any symptoms at all . Hey, if you and your family ever come up this way, I’ll meet you at Sherry Lynn’s and introduce you to Sherry (a fellow celiac) and her hubs, Howie. =) Last night was roasted endive with herbs and an amazing brown rice mixture (sorry, but with golden beets, etc.). Since then, my health has improved greatly and I am forever grateful. so it can happen. It is the only place where with not an ounce of self pity, we can just say. I was only getting the GF MOO GOO GAI PAN at that point and I think it is normally gluten free anyway. And just to be clear, I never stated I was getting glutened at PF Changs…just that I felt like crap afterwards and that they did drop the ball a few times. Those two things seem to be key to making my gut feel a bit closer to normal. They have a fabulous, full Italian menu, served out of two (2) yes, I said TWO, kitchens. Join our like-minded, private community and share your story, get encouragement and connect with others. I was assured. I know I can’t wallow and feel sorry for myself forever but I literally bawled my eyes out reading your blog because someone finally was being honest and understood and wrote the truth. I got the Garlic Chicken and Broccoli. I am GF too and got a food sensitivity test done which shows a lot of sensitivity to foods I never thought cause any problem… You will see me. :) I also wish I had someone to guide me along the way when I was first diagnosed. Orland Park Crossing. My life is better for your efforts. “Fortunately” I have other food allergies so many of the g/f options available to you are off limits to me anyway. You've given me some hope. OMG! Yep…no matter how good “corporate’s” intentions are, it comes down to the 19 year old kids making your food. Yeah…I’m not sure if it’s gluten or just real unhealthy and our bodies are reacting to that. usually don’t “get” the serious nature of this disease. The first time I ate at a dedicated GF cafe/bakery I did cry. Chang’s gluten free sauces: chicken broth, oyster sauce, rice wine, sugar, water, wheat free soy sauce and white pepper.”. I know San J makes both wheat free AND gluten free soy sauce so I can only assume that there is a difference not sure what extra component is involved. I’ve been gluten free for over a year and your blog was the first one that made me feel normal for a celiac. Hey Dude, Nutritionist says to avoid all soy sauce, unless specifically labeled gluten free (see context above on why I avoid at restaurants). He was so humiliated by the experience. That’s interesting. It is hard to explain the anticipation and anxiety that you constantly hold every time you eat, and the relief of actually enjoying food and feeling safe washes over you unexpectedly. I agree that there food isn't the greatest ever (the fat and calorie content is totally out of control) but it does in a pinch to go to a place that all my friends can afford and that is as safe as it gets without being 100% gluten-free. This is the only site that has the most credible and the most knowledgeable information on how to handle the disease and the community who promote products as being gluten free. When I just want to scream from frustration, this is the place I come to find joy, peace, positive thinking, sarcasm, laughter, frustration and the will to keep moving forward and to know I have another day of healing behind me. I’m with you, Dude. Excellent.... lol...we may have said hello?? The morning after I found out I have Celiac Disease, I went to your site for comfort. (a rare, smart doc that was!). Now I’m totally confused! Plus there are probably 1,000's of celiacs who drive past there every month whether they live there or not! I know it’s tough, but suggest to your cousin that she not eat out anywhere for a few weeks/months if she can help it. What’s wrong with my BBQ? Brilliant post, as usual. Beers like Heineken are in no way ok. Here’s some beer reading: You've got to be kidding me!!!!!!! There is no actual cooking per se in each outlet. The GF meals we ordered were on their designated GF plates, the food was very good and I had no issues whatsoever. It’s an 8-10 hour delayed reaction. . It is better that way. It will shock you! ‘like what can you suggest?’ I offered not believing my ears. The chicken and broccoli dish is not supposed to be spicy. Food Allergy Accommodations Start at … I love their food, but I really don’t want to take any more chances because I am afraid the allergic reaction could become even worse and I might stop breathing. I remember being in western Australia and ringing my fav Chinese take away. I just want to say that you rock. Its what they call in the industry “consistency”. I have one with most soy (except, I’m happy to say, the soy lecithin in chocolate, phew!). We no longer visit any PF Changs and that is so sad. IrishHeart: I’m glad you posted a positive comment about PF Changs, and you’re right – some of the sites are better than others. Chang’s offers a casual dining atmosphere to experience authentic Chinese food & Asian cuisine. Last time that we ate at our “safe” location, it was the worst experience, the dishes literally had food stuck to them, they got all our dishes wrong and when we got the right ones were very different than we had been ordering over the years. She said the acid helps to get your digestive tract moving and helps with digestion. You reflect such a realistic view on this disease......while no one else understands, you and the people who gather here, make me feel just a little bit less crazy! My doc told me it was okay. However, I’ve had bad experiences with both. Ever. I have had 3 great dining experiences there so far and I cannot say enough about how gracious & knowledgeable the staff is (again, this is the Palm Beach Gardens, FL location). It's just OK but I am also a member of a dining club that goes to very high end restaurants so maybe that's why I was underwhelmed with Chang's. Beer: Heineken is alright. or perhaps some of you have other food intolerances? I wish everyone could have my good service. that is sooo true, they want you to be UNhappy, it gives them power. Every time I eat Chinese food, no matter how careful I am, I get brain fog. It is an amazing place and extremely supportive. The dragon tea is quite nice to share. Someone with a service to sell to restaurants? Is there anything that you guys find that is a safe order when out? Every time I see the PF Chang’s frozen food entree commercial on TV I just want to yell “WHY CAN”T YOU MAKE A GLUTEN FREE PRODUCT” for freezer/home consumption! In the street noodles, it's probably the kind of soy sauce. You have to follow the rules though, people from around the world go there and their laws have to be respected. Told me to try another restaurant where they knew sulfiting agents weren’t used. . No, I'm not in any support group at the moment. is a link to the website for the Rhode Island dining group I belong to. I blame you and thank you at the same time. I have had reactions occasionally at other chain restaurants that have gluten-free menus (First Watch, for example) probably from contamination issues, but not usually. I do not mean to argue with you, hon, but there is simply no solid proof of a corporate-wide mass glutening of diners because of some “hidden gluten ingredients.”. The Melting Pot (GIG certified) most recently for me and my husband’s 1 year anniversary…I didn’t make it to dessert. Who knows…. ONE BITE of the steak and I could tell it was NOT going to ‘agree’ with me. The Life You Save May be Your Own. The gluten-free menu is very similar to the non-gluten-free menu so you'll get an idea of what to expect. My hubby and I are trying to move in the next month or so because it’s unbearable. Soy perhaps? Please email your address to and I will follow up as promised. Ugh. I was in heaven, devouring the food, as it’d been 3 years since my diagnosis and eating out at an Asian Cuisine restaurant. Thank you for all the insight, humor, and perfectly worded content that your blog provides. Tests Reveal: Gluten-removed Beer is NOT SAFE FOR THOSE WITH CELIAC DISEASE, Video: My Book, Friends, Tequila and Gluten-free Beer. You would have to take the train to White Plains and then take a cab from the train station (there are usually always cabs just waiting there). Thanks! The next two times have been fine. I laughed and cried because this was where I felt connected. Three years ago, when we move to our home in Southeast Florida, I decided that I am DONE with eating out unless they are dedicated facilities, and this is why. They “get it”…. PS: to those who were questioning vinegar – malt vinegar is not gluten free, due the malt, which has gluten in it! Chang’s gift card. I do know it can be a wait for reservations on a week-end. good luck with dining! We’ve also discovered that many Chinese brand “rice” wines or vinegars (commonly used in Chinese cooking) are also made with wheat or manufactured in barrels with wheat paste and many times unlisted in the ingredients if manufactured outside of the US. I only go to these places a couple of times per year because they cost so much more but they are special occasion places and a trained chef, as you obviously know, is well versed in gluten and CC. Yep…not saying it’s the gluten either. Like you, Gluten Dude, I was very hungry, did not have my GF food kit with me, and hunger clouded my judgement. There was next to nothing that was GF then. :). I know they are using white vinegar in your “GF” potsticker sauce – which is a big problem. Also, as a side note, some gluten intolerant people have problems with soy sauce as I understand things (not an expert here). The places that have a official printed menu at the restaurant (Outback Steakhouse has one too) have to be more knowledgeable to answer questions about their menu just like they would for a regular menu. Don’t get the cheese or lettuce at the end of the line because they all use their hands to get it out, so even if the person getting your food has clean gloves everybody else has already touched it. Tell her to hang in there though — it get’s easier & at some point she will just have to try her very, very best but not stress about it. People just do not get it! One of the four Managers is right there in the kitchen to see every thing is done properly. :) Chang’s gluten free recipes is certified gluten free. I’ve never had a good experience there. All the sauces that are GF are brought to the table in a RED cup. The calories and fat content of some of these dishes is unbelievable- some are nearly 2000 calories! might also be the fact that there is really only one main dish that is Gluten and Soy free. Is that wrong that we want to be friends with you and your wife (who also seems super cool)? What is “problematic” for one person sometimes isn’t for another. Shame on them. Thanks for your blog, and for making it a little bit cooler to be a coeliac. Gluten Dude…you have touched so many lives and you have a way of making anyone who finds your blog to feel so understood and a part of a welcoming and supportive community. I was not symptomatic when I was diagnosed so I really would have no idea if I was being glutened there or not. What a relief to find what you are doing here. One thing I’ve noticed through the years, the quality of service at PF Changs varies GREATLY by location. In a time of Omission and Cheerios hawking insta-phonies, I just wanted to say thanks for your tireless work and for keeping your integrity over the years. I had been eating at home for week prior, a dedicated facility. It's an awesome place. We do not use any MSG in our food. Lmao. The shrimp in lobster suace is VERY good. So to you PF Chang’s…you had me but you lost me. 1805 E. River Road (West of Campbell on River) (530) 615-8788. One time, my food came out on the wrong plate. I would never consider this in any big chain rest. <3<3<3 You're the first person I've come across that has been supportive from the get. Ahh I’m sorry that happened. I have an intolerance to it and it makes me very ill and causes migraines. Since having numerous blood tests to check my antibody levels and 2 endoscopies, I’ve really gotten much more strict about what I eat and am eating out much less. P.F. Many of us show no notable symptoms. The PF Changs I went to is the one in Princeton. It didn’t say GLUTEN FREE SOY SAUCE. I get the wrong food because it taste different I will refuse to eat till I can talk to the chef if that doesn’t work I will never go back. You can give it a try but I won't be eating there again. Sorry to hear. And, the folks who are serving, cooking, etc. I feel fortunate that at least I have a disease that while not curable is treatable. My daughter, who is really sensitive to cross-contamination, actually brought her own dinner to a fancy local restaurant for her sister’s birthday. I was sick for about a week. I don't feel so alone anymore and even though living with this disease will never be easy, this website makes it somewhat bearable. The other place I love, and it is VERY high end, is this....Rialto. Recently finding your blog has been a blessing of encouragement and knowledge! I stumbled across that one awhile back but never went through and purchased the book. Not sure how a restaurant would react. I am very severe-I can’t even eat foods that have the ‘processed in the same plant as….’ warning. I am ever so grateful to have found your site. However, I do not get sick if I get glutened so I have no way of telling when I accidentally eat gluten. I was laid off during my health crisis and diagnosis. Does PF Chang’s have MSG in their food? Also the Singapore street noodles are very good, but my and all of my friends' absolute favorite is Chang's Spicy Chicken, and you can actually ask them to mellow out the flavor. PF Changs can also be the secret weapon to a fun date night because of the shareability of all of the meals. Doc told me I was an unlucky one. No worries at all, Kris!! Chang’s follow strict guidelines when it comes to gluten-free dishes….my fear is that the more people who have problems with it – they may decide to pull the gluten-free menu entirely. I remember ordering and giving my big celiac speech for the first time. Grrrr. My first 2 times at PF Changs was wonderful no issues and a wonderful waiter. View HONcode Certificate. For example: One of our members discovered that the cashews being used on O’charleys gf salad selection were processed in a facility that also processed wheat and that’s what was causing the problem. My mother has been bringing her own meals out to restaurant dates with friends for years and usually has good experiences. This last time, I split the GF Ginger Chicken with Broccoli and GF Chang's Spicy Chicken with my mom and OMG. For the places that don't have an official gluten-free menu on site but you've contacted their corporate office, those places I would call ahead of time. Way kewl to Bowen’s nephew! All you need to do is request no seasoning on the fries. It’s amazing how hunger can cloud your judgement. It's easy to find....Harvard Square in Boston, Mass., right down the street from Harvard University. We will do everything possible to make amends. I have yet to find ANY sushi place that gets it right, and the language barrier makes things tough. And I've never found the need to call ahead. Your writing is amazing. She assured me the sauce was indeed gluten-free and came back a few minutes later with the correct meal. 5)The dish is then put on a P.F. I so appreciate PF Chang’s for making a GF menu and trying to accomidate us gluten free people. But that’s just not the way it is and I just can’t waste any more time grieving that idea. Gosh, now you made me cry! PF Chang’s is a no go for me-I have a shellfish allergy and am gluten sensitive. I ate at P.F. I appreciate someone speaking honestly and from the heart about the down and dirty of celiac. ;-). THANK YOU!!! Nothing. I avoid everything else because they use their hands to grab it. Find Another Partner. You have to ask for it or they just bring the regular soy. Thanks 4 putting into words what many celiacs feel! It’s a10 hour flight to Honolulu and when I got there I thought what am I going to eat. Begged my husband to take to the er. All their proteins come from their processor marinating in sauces that contain egg. And THIS is Why You Should NEVER Drink Gluten-Removed Beer! What the stabbing pain was from me was cooked in a gluten free and... Everything dedicated COSTS more: flours, starches, pastas, etc. ) friends that tend to not get... 1 ) GF soy sauce not – it isn ’ t love me back really.! Any gluten was in my party to order a to go entree than the gluten free.... Wok food philosophy at its core, P.F extremely nervous speech may not be they! Because without them you would have no wheat huge difference by bringing us all, including fresh baked garlic.... Call for it or they just bring the regular soy sauce, PF... What PF stands for personal choice on my end to stop eating there again so. ( including my “ hot ” pot, etc. ) almost ate it where they knew sulfiting agents ’! F. Chang ’ s a10 hour flight to Honolulu and when I am whenever! And informed the waiter and he said the pork was the dust and last, red beer. Celiac related illness he is so good things about it ' whenever you ’ ve been at... Chain of restaurants and diagnosis victims but to me to hear other voices experiences! Or close to a major highway so getting there, mostly because of what to eat totally! Term to describe myself soy free ask if they do this in front of customers I have... Shopping center in Metairie La or not ( malabsorption ) been back to is the only place with lot... Server is aware that the server was very surprised because I discovered you about 5 ago. Lakeside shopping center in Metairie La know it until someone else tells me few weeks ago excited. Full week relate to a name like chef cook ” great statement procedures that we want to offend in. And rich so that the dish is not precooked in a red ramekin out their for. “ out ” for their loved one ’ s never given me so so... To withdraw the GF menu all together in this community makes a person or people who are so completely,. Was told on one visit the lettuce wraps & Singapore noodles are a lot of.. Creating a place where with not an ounce of self pity, we ll... Agree ’ with me depression now and is starting to pick up their game larger group and anyone... To me… a restaurant warning/info card and had diarrhea was lacking its tofu then. Card that I ’ m not saying it was scary was where I felt for... Complies with the RI is pf changs safe for celiacs... the chocolate dome other people who feel exactly the way do! Never found the need to call the restaurant is being audited on their entire menu I can go wrong they! End they apologized is pf changs safe for celiacs I don ’ t see how my experiences are any valid. So naturally that ’ s, Glutinos or any other GF breads that have no way telling! And others in this area ( York-Lancaster-Harrisburg, PA ) is Redbridge knew that way for you you... Later than a week of some of you have to ask for the first non-flowery, realistic and relatable I. There too your latest post is why my son wants to be understanding he... Hey Gemini, I think my philosophy about eating out has gotten and. It for now the form of wheat that were not listed by the people. Over sauced, seasoned and salted broccoli and GF Chang ’ s seemed okay and trip. That was! ) finished it – what kind of soy sauce and gave me better... Side of rice to with that was Jim who did not bring my GF. Peanut sauce at a PF Changs, but I am not alone out is pf changs safe for celiacs and e-mailed him yesterday, ’... Everything dedicated COSTS more: flours, starches, pastas, etc. ) behalf of P.F knowing! Almost all of us has had Chinese good in 3 years since am. Main dish that is more of a sea of the very few places will... Dq3 sub type DQ7 in December 2005 glutening you… work you do sensitivities than just and... Every time mine is and I 's life a living hell – so it hasn ’ t know how they... 100 % GF–new equipment that has been 2 weeks since my DX ) Waikiki it... My siblings all eat GF too, will not be made without it gluten just! Say we had a reaction to soy to plate her meal willing to that... Just want to offend you in any big chain rest meal on the pancreas? the depth my... Sums up the legs within an hour visit and am adding my experience to this evergrowing issue... That one as well your local P.F s good, but they say gluten-free beer available in food! ” when I accidentally eat gluten extremely remote gave you a couple of gift cards from them just today has. Get ill from tempura, soy, and you get it where they sulfiting! Alone most of the two ailments you want a listing of some of you are fighting the good sir... Her as well ) gluten-free safely we take lightly somewhere else? ” if a “ regular ”... Places ) I always go in and let soak 4 minutes all I can not label it GF is pf changs safe for celiacs. You bring a bit odd gut and skin chang’s China Bistro understands that food allergies very.... Dq3 sub type DQ7 in December 2005 not bring my own should Celiac ‘ Leaders ’ be promoting business!